"What God has joined together..." Is there an exception to this command?


"what God has joined together, let no man put assunder". When the Minister pronounces those words, everyone present knows that the Union is now sealed. It has become a bond or cord that no man except death is permitted to break. Notwithstanding, while we need to uphold the injunctions of the scripture, we also need to watch out for the boundaries in order not to extend them beyond bounds as some cases have proven. The writer is a witness to these two scenerios.

1. A woman left her husband and lived with another man. Every move by the husband for her to return proved futile. She was having children for the second man but the first remained single to raise his only child with the woman. His denomination said he cannot remarry unless the woman died.

2. A woman died in her matrimonial home because church said it was wrong for her to leave even when the man said she will end up leaving dead or alive.

Some people have gone out on their own to eliminate an enstranged spouse since their denomination said they will have to remain single as long as the one who has refused them totally is still alive. There are many divorcees that died without anyone knowing how and why they died.

There are scriptural facts that are unquestionable. These facts like; marriage ordained by God as a bond between the man and woman (Genesis 2:24), Sanctity of marriage (Hebrews 13:4), God abhors divorce (Malachi 2:15,16).

Marriage is not to be dissolved for any flimsy reason. However, for these two problems strong enough to threaten life, the Bible provided insight for people to know what steps need to be taken. In Mathew 5:32 Jesus said that infidelity is the only reason for marriage to be dissolved. We know that willing couples can scale through this challenge in spirit of forgiveness and love. But where a partner insist on not being faithful, the other is not without a choice.

For an abusive spouse, Apostle Paul said if a spouse is willing to live peaceably with his or her partner even if one is a believer and the other is not. They both can live amicably. But if one is unwilling, then other is not bound. 1corinthians 7:13-15. 

When we tell people they remain bound to someone who walks out of their lives for good; one question that begs for answer is this. Is it really God that is holding them bound or man? What is your insight based on Bible facts?

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