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The law enforcement authorities is South Africa have received a lot of praise from the South African people in recent weeks, as they have made multiple high profile arrests of some very dangerous criminals in the country, but today they were heavily criticized for their actions.

The reason the were criticized today (Sunday 26 February) is because a group of Johannesburg Metro Police officers were spotted harassing street vendors and confiscating their goods, the Metro Police is claiming that the goods were confiscating because the street vendors did not have proper permits, but a lot of South Africans on Twitter were left outraged because they believe that the police should be arresting real criminals instead of doing this...

"Drug lords apply no permit but they trade freely with no interruptions whatsoever.. mxm 😤"

"Well done can you now arrest big criminals in the inner city that are robbing our citizens every day"

"They should stop harrassing poor citizens of this country and focus on foreign national

Those are here to ruin our country"

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