Famous Celebs With Dark Past

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It's tempting to believe that everything in a celebrity's life is perfect. With all of your celebrity and wealth, it should be simple to solve your difficulties. But the reality is that celebrities are actual individuals who can't change their pasts no matter how much money they have. While they may appear to be on top of the world now, things weren't always so bright for the following superstars.

1. Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron is widely recognized as one of Hollywood's most accomplished actors. Theron's portrayal as Aileen Wournos earned her an Oscar and a well-deserved place in cinematic history, since she is known for her ability to reinvent herself.

Theron grew raised on a farm with her parents, who were married but had no love for each other. Her father was an alcoholic, and while Theron claims he never physically harmed her, he did physically abuse her mother. An aunt called her one night to tell her that her father was going to be in a terrible temper when he returned home. He arrived shortly after, accompanied by his brother, who threatened to shoot Charlize and her mother. There was a lot of arguing and ruckus until he started shooting through her door into her bedroom, at which point her mother shot him and shot his sibling with a revolver. Fortunately, authorities determined that the mother acted in self-defense, and Theron has gone on to tremendous success.

2. Pierce Brosnan

Pierce Brosnan's struggles began almost from the beginning. He was born into a destitute household in rural Ireland and was abandoned by his father, whom he only met once. While working as a nurse in England, his mother was obliged to transfer him to live with his grandparents, then his aunt and uncle, and finally a boarding home. His mother came to see him twice a year until he was old enough to move to England, at which point he became the target of school bullies.

Brosnan married Cassandra Harris in 1980 and adopted her late-three husband's children, plus one more for good measure. But, after a four-year fight with ovarian cancer, Cassandra died in his arms in 1991, and his 41-year-old daughter Charlotte died of the disease in 2013. By that time, he had grown estranged from his son Chris, who had a serious drug problem that had resulted in fights, thefts, and two drunk-driving accidents in the previous two years. The crashes may have been the final straw for Brosnan, who had already narrowly averted losing his son Sean when he was 13, when Sean's cousin drove down a 200-foot cliff while inebriated.

3. Nicky Minaj

Minaj had to deal with her abusive, drug-addicted father throughout her childhood, who would often beat her mother, punch holes in the walls, get arrested, and sell family belongings for drug money. He tried to kill her mother by setting fire to the house at one time. Despite this, the couple is still together, and her father doesn't seem pleased when she tells him the story. "It's the price you pay when you abuse drugs and alcohol," she responds.

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