Waiguru Admits Ruto’s UDA Is More Popular in Mt. Kenya Days after Opinion Polls Showed Raila’s Rise

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A few days after an opinion poll conducted by Radio Africa revealed that Ruto’s popularity is still ahead of Raila although Raila’s seems to be steadily rising, Ann Waiguru has admitted that Ruto’s UDA popularity in mount Kenya is unmatched compared to other political parties. Her statement coming at a time when the scramble for the region's vote intensifies.


According to Waiguru, she is yet to identify with UDA but she hinted that =it is the vehicle she might use to seek reelection in the coming elections which are only a few months to 2022. Waiguru has been in Jubilee for the longest period but with her remarks, she seems to have decamped.

Waiguru acknowledged that the fact that no strong Mount Kenya candidate is going for the top seat complicates the matrix for the region for they will now be forced to support a candidate outside the region.

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