NTC: Professional Teachers in Ghana should take note of this important information.


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The management of National Teaching Council (NTC) has started licensing professional teachers all over the Nation. They started licensing the teachers from Greater Accra Region, and they will end on the 26th of May 202, at the various centres across Greater Accra Region. The management of NTC has come out to informed the general public through an interview the next region they will move on after they end licensing teachers in the Greater Accra Region. 

According to the Registrar of National Teaching Council, his outfit will hopefully on 26th May, 2021, end the teacher Licensing registration in Greater Accra, so his outfit urge all qualified teachers due to be licensed to visit the Teacher Portal Ghana to register for the license card.

Dr. Addai Poku also stated that, Officials of the National Teaching Council after the NTC licensing exercise in the Greater Accra Region will move to Central Region and later to the Western Region to issue the license card to all qualified in-service teachers. 

He concluded by telling the host of the interview that, by 2022 every qualified teacher in the country will be licensed and his outfit will have a good database of them, and this will help his outfit to know those who are qualified and non-qualified. Please share, like and comment on this article. 

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