Whoever invented this should be praised - Opinion


Whoever invented this should be praised - Opinion 

I was eighteen years old when my mother instructed me to bring out a frying pan, from the kitchen to the dinning table. The pan had on it, a spoon as pictured above, and I never understood. I later found out it was made to take spoons, when one was cooking. I have seen that hole for quite a number of years and never did I imagine it was for spoons. From there, was when I came to realize that space, was specially made for a purpose. I always thought it was for beautification and nothing more, never did I knew, it was build with intention. 

I believe many people still don't know what that hole stands for. I asked one of my younger siblings this afternoon and she couldn't tell me what that hole was for. She is almost twenty-two, and still didn't know about it, so I couldn't blame her. Many don't know it because, they haven't thought about it. They have seen it countless times, but never has they ever thought of finding what the holes stand for. 

Those who invented lights, were celebrated. Those who invented bowls to eat in, were all celebrated because of their contribution to the organization of making life simple for humans. I believe whoever sat down and invented that hole to keep your cooking spoons inside whiles cooking, did a great job for humanity. Instead of littering around with the food you are cooking because of where to put the spoon, someone sat down and produced a simple whole on frying bowl and invented a hole side, so it can keep spoons. Whoever invented this, has done all of us a great favour and needs to be celebrated also. Whoever they were or are, they are heros for what they did. 

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