The municipal education director of Suame pays his first visit to primary schools.

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The municipal education director of suame, DR.PS. Anthony Anyenam pays his first visit to schools around suame municipal. He explains how he has loved educated children and has tried to offer a helping hand to these students.

His first offer was in Adadiam M/A primary school. Mr. Anthony Anyenam gave a bottle of coca-cola and a packet of biscuits to children in the school.

He educated the children to learn hard so that they can achieve their aspirations in life. He also thanked the headmaster and his teaching staff on how they are doing well to help these children to become better person in life.The headmaster of the school also appreciated him for his visit in the school. He added, the children would have an impression to study hard as they would have in mind, there are a lot of people who cares and wants them to go high in life.

The headmaster of the school narrated the problem of the school to the education direction. Mr. Anthony Anyenam in his speech promise he will come again the next time to solve the problems of the school.

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