Messi and Barcelona: A Financially Problematic Situation

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Lionel Messi who is currently representing Argentina at the Copa America is officially a free agent. This means he is currently club less and clubs can negotiate with him directly. While this is an attractive proposition, his rumored salary package will be a problem for possible suitors like Manchester City, Chelsea and Paris Saint-Germain who actually are very rich clubs.

Barcelona looks to be at a disadvantage at the moment as they are hoping to get salaries slashed in view of salary caps that will be introduced to the Spanish La Liga. Ordinarily, letting Messi go would have taken care of a bulk of that gap, the club will rather let dozens of players go than not renewing the contract of their star man.

Just last summer, the club did not want to take £200m for a possible transfer after the La Liga president blocked the move saying that it would be dangerous for the league to loose such a player. Now the club will possibly be thinking that they should have taken that cash in retrospect.

No doubt, Juan Laporta wants to keep Messi but is the financial problems of Barcelona allow him to do so? How much can Messi go in terms of taking a reduction? The most important question that remains to be asked is if it's worth it for the player to be given such a contract.

Fans worldwide are patiently waiting for Barcelona's move and Messi's response but make no mistake, some clubs will be doing as much as they can to ensure that they sign Lionel Messi based on his commercial power. This leads to another question: if Messi is so commercially important to Barcelona, how are they broke? Are they paying Messi more than he makes for them?

The next couple of weeks will be very entertaining.

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