Text Messages To Make Someone Miss You



Every moment that I am far from you, 

Is being tested by me, 

It's really hard to live without you now, 

Please come back to me, 

I really miss you a lot! Missing you is not in my hands

I think you must understand

That how will a heart stay without a beat

How will one breathe without lungs

You are the same in my life

I simply can't stay without you

I am so missing you,

Baby I truly do...yes I miss you!


Love is the only reason why

Two hearts cry when alone

I am feeling the emotions high

I am feeling so lost without you

Baby I think you are missing me too

The love that I only have for you

I am missing you so much

I am missing your touch!


I am more quiet then I used to be

A little more lost in life

Time is not the same as it used to be

I am so lost in this crowd

Please come back as you completed me

You were my only happiness baby

I am missing you so much,

Please come back soon..I love you!


When I think about all the pretty moments

That I had spent with you my love

I think about all the things

That made a difference in my life

Yes, you are the one I want to be with

You are my only suffice,

I am missing you a lot my love

I can't live without you! I thought that it was easy

When you said that you are going,

But I never thought that it would be so

Tough living a life without you

I simply cannot stay without your love

I simply cannot stay without you

Know it well that I love you so much

I am missing you!


Your touch was a solace in my life

Your reasons were just fine

The way you stood with me in things

The way you cared was such,

That since the time you have left

I am missing you so much,

So much that I cannot say

So much that it's all a lost way

I am missing you so much!

Pope_Khestter newshub-gh@operanewshub.com