Jalang'o Pins a very sweet Birthday Message to His Sweet Heart, Amina Chao.

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Jalang'o has caused stir online via his Instagram account, after she pinned a very sweet Birthday Message to the love of his life. Jalang'o posted the photo of her Jaber, as he always calls her and captioned it with a very heart warming message, to wish her a happy birthday. Below is the photo that Jalas posted on his Instagram account and the caption he made on it.

She indeed looks very cute and beautiful, she is indeed the type of woman who deserves gentlemen like Jalang'o. Jalang'o, rarely post his wife, but on special occasion like this, he always post her. Happiest birthday for this beautiful queen we wish you many more years. We pray that you and Jalas may live together forever, and you are a true identity of a Woman who is strong, despite all the social media critics your husband faces, you have been able to stand by him and encourage him.

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