A Young Lady Gets Dragged On Twitter For Shaming The Breakfast Her Boyfriend Made For Her

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A young lady gets dragged on Twitter for shaming the breakfast her boyfriend made for her. The young lady's username is Lisah. She mentioned in his caption that her boyfriend gave her this meal as breakfast and it is nonsense. She also mentioned that she is never coming back.

See the picture she shared on Twitter below:

The young lady was offered boiled eggs, slices of palony, white bread, two slices of cheese and a tea without milk as breakfast.

The young lady seemed like she was disappointed by the breakfast that was prepared for her. She shamed it and called it nonsense.

People dragged her on the comment section. They said that she should appreciate it and stop complaining. Some said Cooking Oil is expensive these days just to fry eggs. Some also said that the young lady is ungrateful.

See some of the comments below:

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