Lions attacking humans, have a look at the photos

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Good afternoon everyone, i hope that you are having a lovely Tuesday so far. Today i want to share with you all some jaw dropping photographs of lions attacking humans. These photos prove why we should never go near wild animals because they are predators.

A lion is a very large cat that can be found in parts of Africa. They are carnivorous which means that they will only feast on meat. Lions are known as the kings of the jungle because they are vicious predators. They enjoy hunting prey such as zebra's bucks, water buffalo's, monkeys etc. Lions have very sharp teeth that enables them to tear into the flesh of other mammals very easily.

Lions aren't animals that you want to get close too. If they attack, they can cause devasting injuries and even death.

Let's take a look at some photos of people who were very unlucky and got attacked by lions.

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