Amount to be Received by AFCON Clubs for Quarter Finals Qualifications

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The 33rd edition of the African Cup of Nation is currently underway with a number of clubs already booked their place in the round of 16. Some of the club's being hosts Cameroon, Egypt, Nigeria among others.

AFCON is among the world's top football tournaments immediately after the FIFA World Cup and the UEFA Champions League.

Unlike the previous AFCON tournament, the amount clubs will be receiving for the quarter Finals qualifications has been increased.

Quarter Finals Qualifications Prize Money

The club's that will have qualified for the AFCON quarter Finals round will receive a share of the prize money. The further a nation goes in the tournament, the more money they will receive.

This edition of AFCON, clubs will be receiving a total of $1.175 million in prize money, this is equivalent to kshs 204 million.

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