According to your star sign these are your bucket list ideas

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* Go on a midnight adventure with your crush

* Buy something meaningful for someone special

* Replace anger with kindness

* Remind yourself not to fall for toxic people

* Pretend to be someone else to prank a friend


* Go on a date with your best friend

* Leave the house at 3AM and go sit somewhere peaceful

* Go to a friend's place before informing them and scare them in their own house

* Race a dog and see who wins

* Look up the dirtiest joke online and send it to someone you haven't talked to in a while


* Play beer bongs with your crush

* Go skinny dipping at 3AM

* Exchange clothes with a friend for a week

* Send a funny message to an unknown number

* Go on a date which includes breakfast, lunch and dinner


* Ride the world's fastest roller coaster

* Research something you don't believe in and tackle it with proof/evidence

* Cheat on a board game and make a bet on winning it

* Try out a new restaurant with a new cuisine

* Invite a friend over and then leave the house


* Use three pins on your friends everyday

* Buy a softer and cosier (and way more expensive) mattress to sleep on

* Write a story based on your life

* Message someone "We need to talk" and then turn off your phone

* Prank your siblings/cousins


* Take up an internet challenge and accomplish it

* Break a rule you have always followed

* Go on an adventure you never thought you would

* Call up someone and say "I know what you did" and ignore them for the rest of the day

* Bake cookies/cakes and feed it to the needy


* Go camping and stargazing

* Write cute motivating notes and leave it around the house for your family to find

* Text/Call someone and tell them what's bothering you about them

* Go through old photos and relive happy times

* Plan a date with someone where you would paint or do crafts together


* Make up a word and put it in the urban dictionary

* Replace 'yes' with 'no' for a week

* Go to a place that has a reputation for being haunted

* Send a box of goodies to a random address

* Try your hand at teaching


* Do something you've always been scared to do

* Try bungee jumping from a cliff

* Watch a movie you loved as a kid

* Message someone saying "Now I know your secret" and play along

* Write a poem for your crush and send it to them with 'Anonymous' written as the poet


* Do absolutely nothing for a day

* Do an escalator dance with a friend in a mall

* Live little encouraging notes for your colleagues/friends/family

* Have a wild night with your crush

* Attempt rapping


* Call up a friend you haven't talked to in a long time

* Go hiking alone

* Take a bus and get off on the last stop

* Hide in the cupboard, jump out and scare your siblings

* Take a solo trip to a place you never heard about


* Create a wishlist and attempt to fulfill all of them

* Make a new trend on tiktok/reels

* Ask your friends the one thing they hate and love about you

* Help out a stranger

* Go on a solo picnic with your book

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