He Tamed Him Like Dada Pinto's Son - Kelvin Taylor Tells What Happened To Chairman Wontumi In 2016.

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Chairman Wontumi does politics like he's doing sports. Now he wants Dada Pinto to be blamed.

Let me tell you the truth. Chairman Wontumi didn't win any seats in 2016. The real Chairman Wontumi is the one we saw in 2020.

Have you seen what Nana Kwasi Andrews did to him? He tamed him like Dada Pinto's son. The NDC came to the Ashanti region to penetrate, take seats and take votes.

Chairman Wontumi should be sacked from the NPP. Who in their right sense now will say I want to make Chairman Wontumi the regional Chairman of the NPP?

Do you know how he makes his money? You all know how he's spoiling the Ashanti land with 'galamsey' and polluting the water bodies.

At this point, the Ashanti Region will be better off without a regional Chairman. He came with his standards and hasn't met them.

Above are the words of Kelvin Taylor in Loud Silence Tv. He appears to have a personal issue with Chairman Wontumi.

Can you guess what it is?

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