Pictures and Videos: A look into Thuli Phongolo’s lavish birthday celebrations

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The entertainer is known for her over-the-top outfits and always showing off her lavish lifestyle on Instagram. Thuli Phongolo’s birthday celebrations were no different as they were as luxurious and as loud as the star. It has been celebrations non-stop as Thuli Phongolo turned 28. . Let us look at Thuli Phongolo’s lavish birthday celebrations that took place over the weekend.

Thuli started off her birthday celebrations on the actual birthday that is the 22nd of January, with a night out clubbing. She wore a Chinese traditional inspired dress and even a hairstyle. There was cake and champagne at the club, and the actress and presenter looked to be having a good time.

Thuli Phongolo-Image Source(Instagram/thuliphongolo)

As if that was not enough, the celebrations continued throughout the weekend, spilling into the next day. Thuli took to her Instagram stories to show off the gifts she got from her friends and loved ones. From three vast bouquets of red and white roses to designer clothing and footwear, the actress had all the love showering her side throughout the weekend. Even her cake was nothing short of something a star is worth. She thanked every one of the people who spoiled her rotten for her birthday.

Thuli Phongolo birthday cake and roses-Image Source(Instagram/thuliphongolo)

Videos on Thuli Phongolo’s birthday celebrations can be watched on the source link at the bottom of this article.

After making headlines these past weeks that she had been fired from The Wife, Thuli has been going about her merry life after setting the record straight. Some of her fans wondered if the roses that she never tagged who they were from a boyfriend. However, the actress and presenter keep maintaining a certain level of secrecy regarding her friends and even her relationship.

In Thuli Phongolo’s Instagram stories, she stresses that she does not like posting content and scenes from the club, but she went on to say that she had a lot of fun. Thuli even said this was their perfect birthday, and her fans couldn’t agree more. The videos she shared with her fans prove that it was one of the most lavish birthday celebrations of the month.

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