2 Reasons You Should Always Use Hot Water on Catfish before Cooking.

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Catfish is a common and popular fish in Nigeria. It is a good source of protein, vitamin D and low in carbohydrate. It is used to prepare different kinds of soups, whether it is dried of fresh from the pond. Catfish farming in Nigeria has also become more popular and lucrative. Catfish peppersoup is always high on demand in exclusive bars and restaurant. It can be eaten alone or served with agidi, boiled yam, plantain or boiled rice. Catfish is also commonly used to prepare the popular White soup or Nsala soup. It is normally taken by nursing mothers after delivery.

When cooking with catfish, one thing you should always do is to use hot water on it before cooking. You boil water and pour the hot water over the fish slice and leave it for 1 -2 minutes, drain and rinse it with cold water. This process serves two purposes;

It removes the slime from the fish. The flesh of the fish is usually slimy, pouring hot water over it will make the slime curdle and it can be easily washed off. Though some people use lemon, alum or ash to remove the slime, this is an easier method of removing the slime.

It makes the fish firm and prevents it from breaking in the pot. Catfish is delicate and can easily break while cooking. Using hot water on the fish before cooking will harden it and help prevent it from falling apart or breaking in the pot while cooking.

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