Two Slay Queens Undresses Each Other As They Fight Over A Guy In A Saloon


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In recent times, it has been a norm for girls to publicly fight over men in a broad day light. The worrying issue is that they fight with each other for "car front seat", pizza, iPhones and other funny things which has been prioritize nowadays.

Earlier today TheProgrammeNews chanced on a video circulating on social media where two unidentified slay queens were seriously fighting. It is not clear as to what really made them fight but according to whispers from the video, they were fighting over a man.

In the video, one the ladies is seen slapping the "hell" out of the colleague as well as destroying things in the saloon.

When this video hit social media, there have been a lot reactions from people. The question which is on the mind of everyone is "who will pay the cost of the damages they have cost in the saloon?"

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Watch video here