5 Leftover Foods That Could Become Poisonous When Reheated, Number 3 is Crucial

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Leftover foods are usually seen as lifesavers especially when one doesn't have time to cook a proper meal. Unfortunately, some foods can be poisonous if reheated and consumed.

They include:

1. Potatoes

Eating reheated leftover potatoes can give you a stomachache. According to the Independent's report, when cooked potatoes are left for too long to cool at room temperature a bacteria that causes botulism may develop.

Reheating them will not completely kill the bacteria and that could put you at risk of becoming ill if you eat them. To avoid this you should tuck them in the refrigerator immediately after serving.

2. Spinach

Leftover spinach is not most people's favourite snack but the need to avoid wasting food and their nutritional value could prompt someone to toss in a microwave and eat them.

Unfortunately, spinach contains nitrites that can be converted to nitrates. Business insider reported that reheating spinach converts the nitrates to nitrosamines which are carcinogenic and could impair the body's ability to carry oxygen.

3. Chicken

This is very crucial since chicken is most people's favourite meal and the temptation of eating it's leftover is very high. Chicken that has been left to cool at room temperature collects a lot of salmonella bacteria. Reheating it will not completely make it safe for consumption since not all the bacteria will die.

The only chicken that is safe for reheating is that which was placed in the refrigerator right after serving and you should ensure that all the parts are reheated to at least 175 degrees Fahrenheit. You can ensure this by using a cooking thermometer.

4. Mushrooms

The European Food and Information Council recommends that it is a big mistake to reheat mushrooms that have been left at room temperature for some time. Mushrooms contains proteins and if not stored properly they could be damaged by bacteria and enzymes making them poisonous.

5. Eggs

Eggs are very delicate because they can go bad within few hours without your knowledge especially on a hot day. The Food and Drugs Administration advises that it is dangerous to reheat eggs that have been sitting around even for a short while. Eggs should be consumed immediately after cooking when they are still steaming hot.

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