Mind blowing-This Tortoise Had Seen Charles Darwin in person

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Unbelievable-this tortoise had seen Charles Darwin in person

Can you imagine a tortoise lived that long to see Charles Darwin? 

History About Harriet The Tortoise

It was said that Harriet the tortoise was picked up by Charlie Darwin when he visited Galapagos Islands in 1835 as he goes around the world for a survey expedition, Charles Darwin was a renowned geologist, biologist, who lived from 1809 to 1882

Where Is Harriet Now?

Harriet was moved to England, then later resided in Australia by a retired captain, Harriet died in 2006 in an Australian zoo after suffering from a brief illness 

The Truth 

Some scientists questioned the fact that Harriet had lived that long, so they tested her DNA which proved that Harriet had an estimated age of 175 years old 

According to history, it was said that Charles Darwin never visited the island where Harriet was found, till date Harriet is known as "Darwin's little tortoise" 

What do you think about Harriet the tortoise?

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