I don't date broke guys - Rose of date rush


Just when we thought Ruby was the only lady after materialism. one of the dazzling female participate who also took part in the season 4 of date rush by name Rose has also made a shocking revelation about herself.

She took to her tiktok handle to point it out clear to the whole world that she does not date broke guys. She didn't understand why a broke guy would dare to date her. She then asked what the broke guys in the country are doing

Evidentially, during the re-union of date rush, Her date lamented that she was into money like bad. He said he could send a WhatsApp text 'Hi' and the reply he will get is I'm broke. True speaking, Rose didn't debunk that statement and quizzed her date who he expects to take care of her whiles she dating her.

Rose further added that dating a broke guy is a no go area for her. She advised men to cut their coats according to their sizes

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