4 Lovely Celebrity-Couple That Has Been Arrested By The Police & The Crime They Committed

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When someone commits a crime despite their social level and popularity, they get arrested and treated the same way others are treated. This shows that nobody is above the law guarding every organization.

Many celebrities have broken the law and got arrested. However, in this article, we will be talking about 4 celebrities who are couples to each other that have been arrested in the past and the crime they committed.

1 & 2. Nicki Minaj And Her Husband, Kenneth Petty.

Photo Credit: Metro Daily.

(a). Nicki Minaj: In 2003, Nicki was arrested for "criminal possession with intent to use", but according to her, she used it as the victim (a girl) was leaking blood and was in the hospital for days.

A mugshot of her was taken when she was arrested. Below is the viral mugshot:-

Photo Credit: Capital Extra.

(b). Kenneth Petty: In 2020, Kenneth was arrested by the federal police of the USA after he failed to register himself as a s*xual offender.

According to USA Today, he knowingly failed to register as a s*x offender as required by the S*x Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA).

Photo Credit: The Sun.

According to SORNA, a s*x offender is "required to update their registration in each jurisdiction they reside, are employed, or attend school." Failure to register is considered a federal crime.

3 & 4. Cardi B And Her Husband, Offset.

Photo Credit: Hollywood Life.

(a). Cardi B: In 2018, Cardi B was arrested and charged for suspicion of assault and reckless endangerment at a New York strip club.

Photo Credit: USA Today.

Her arrest warranted that her fingerprints and mugshot will be taken and it was the talk of the internet at that time.

(b). Offset: In 2020, A passenger in a car driven by Offset was stopped and arrested because it was carrying a concealed, loaded firearm in public.

Photo Credit: News English.

He was arrested after he refused to comply with the police after he was ordered to open his door and come down.

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