Didmus Barasa Speaks After Police Raided His Home Over Controversial UDA Branded Vehicle

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Didmus Barasa, an outspoken member of parliament for the constituency of Kimilili, has replied to reports that police officers invaded his home and confiscated a vehicle emblazoned with UDA campaign colors.

According to a local media source who spoke with Barasa, he pretended to be innocent and stated that he was unaware of any raids on his home by officers.

The Ruto-aligned lawmaker stated that he had gotten no formal communication regarding the raid. He admitted, however, that he was using the vehicle in his capacity as the representative for the district and a government employee.

According to unsubstantiated sources, the car was seized and transferred to a local police station, and Barasa fled into hiding to avoid prosecution.

It was alleged that Barasa had removed the GK license plates and replaced them with the KBS 709D number.

According to Kenyans, however, Barasa has stated that he has a number of cars, including those given to him by his friends for campaign purposes.

"I cannot discuss anything since I am unaware of what transpired." They have yet to contact me regarding the alleged event. Daily, I use the CDF vehicle, but others have been provided to me by friends. I am waiting till May 29 to formally present them, "said Barasa.

According to the Kimilili sub-county police chief, senior superintendent of police Mwita Maroa, the CDF vehicle was impounded at Barasa's residence in Nasianda village on Tuesday morning, and officers were searching for the member of parliament to respond to allegations.

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