UDA supporter who has made his love to the party with wonderful action.


The fame of United democratic alliance party is growing faster in Kenya.Many followers are supporting the party.The debuty president is the pioneer of this party.Few weeks ago Ruto told the citizen television that if he will not be given a ticket in jubilee to vie for 2022 elections,he will use UDA.There is high probability that Ruto win win the forth coming elections if all factors remaind constant.It is because Ruto is having so many followers over 55% in kenya.Many youths are advocating for good leadership so that they will recognized in the government of Kenya.All over in the social media platforms,the part is trending and have many positive comments.Many residents in almost every region in Kenya are reegistaring as members of the party.Lately many wonderful action from the supporters are interesting.They are trying to show there creativity.A man from Keringet kuresoi north ,Nakuru county a man was reported to raise a wheelbarrow on top of a tree.The man know to be Weldon decided to raise a wheelbarrow on top of a tree.

This a creative work that needs to be awarded.That is also at Keringet centre.

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