Meet Anita, The most beautiful lady on TV3 Date Rush reality show [PHOTOS]

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After the first season of date rush, TV3 is back with another hot season. But this time, the Date rush has more value than the first season we watched. This season portrays the actual story of Many Ghanaian ladies who spent almost the entire part of their life working very hard to build themselves for a better future. Here we will be looking at Anita’s profile.

Anita Crowther popularly known as NurseDel is a Ghanaian based Nurse who is on this seasons Date Rush and has been trending on social media since the start of the program just because of her real comments on the type of guys she’ll love to turn her rush on for.

Anita is known to have interest in Rich guys who would be able to do almost everything for her when she’s in need. Buisinnes men, Politicians and etc type of men.

She was heard condemning a guy who works at a gym by asking him whether it’s the six packs they’re going to feed on. This comment by her brought up a lot of comments on social media but according to her, she was talking about what really matters to her.

Anita is known to be a very free, generous, and a hard-working Buisinnes minded lady who works Irrespective of her profession. She resides in Tema and Popularly known to be selling strictly natural body enhancement products such as Flat tummy pills, whitening pills, Hips and Butt syrups, Butt massaging oils, Dick enlargement creams, and etc.

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