Opinion: 3 Things Thomas Tuchel Did That Made Chelsea Defeat Atlético Madrid Easily

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Only Atlético Madrid fans didn't enjoy the game as their team was given a thorough football lesson by a team many considered as the underdog before the two-leg match.

The game was lively and entertaining to both Chelsea fans and the neutral, it was a tactical masterpiece by Thomas Tuchel, he had too much for Diego Simeone team's to handle. Tuchel arranged his team in such a way that made it difficult for Atlético Madrid to launch a comeback in the second leg.

Right from the first minute of the game to the last second of the match, Chelsea stuck to the game plan that made them look untouchable to the Atlético Madrid.

Thomas Tuchel's tactics were spot on throughout the game, even though Diego Simeone tried his best to change the shape of his team in the second half by introducing different players, he wasn't able to outdo Tuchel's game plan.

The following were the things Thomas Tuchel tactically did that made Chelsea send Atlético Madrid out of this year's UEFA champions league.

1. Counter press instead of counter-attack: Many expected Thomas Tuchel to set up his team to defend deep while launching a counter-attack against Atlético Madrid using the pace of Chelsea's frontline to hurt the Madrid team.

It wasn't so, the Chelsea players were so bold with their game plan, they counter-pressed the Atlético team right from the early part of the game, this prevented Atlético from carrying out their game plan, as their center backs and central midfielders were forced into launching the ball forward rather than building from the back.

2. Timo Werner instead of Olivier Giroud: Olivier Giroud didn't even play for a minute, the Atlético Madrid players must be scratching their heads now, as many people thought that Giroud will be leading Chelsea's frontline.

Thomas Tuchel settled for Werner and this pays off massively, as Timo Werner's pace and his instinct playing off the last man made it difficult for Atlético's defense line to join the attack against Chelsea.

3. Kourt Zouma over Andreas Christensen: This decision caused an uproar among the fans on social media because Andreas has been in such good form, why dropping him to the bench for such an important game?

Thomas Tuchel was right on this one, Zouma could handle the physicality brought to the game by the Atlético's attackers, and also his aerial prowess was an added advantage to the team.

If Christensen had played this game, it would have been interesting to see how he will cope with the physicality of the game due to his obvious fragile framework.

With Thomas Tuchel in charge of the Chelsea team, the fans of the Chelsea football club can start to dream again.

Dear Reader, If you are to compare Thomas Tuchel's performance and Frank Lampard's performance as a Chelsea coach, what do you have to say? Drop your comments!

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