Reasons Why Catholic Priests Don't Marry.

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It's a beautiful Sunday that God has given us and I hope yours is perfect. So let's see something religious highlighted in this article. Sometimes do you question yourself why catholic priests don't marry? Fine this I do ask myself too and today I have the answer for that question. 

What's celibacy? This is living a life that's separated from worldly commitments such as family. So in this contest we can refer it to living an unmarried life, no wife no children all you do is serving God in church. This has been a norm in the Catholic church where priests and nuns don't engage in marriage. This makes them pure and free from mortal sin. Their work is to spread the gospel, do works of charity, devote themselves as God's vessels and unite Christians. 

Actually there are strict rules which every priest should adhere to as a way of avoiding temptations. The holy spirit also walks with them because this is a hard journey to accomplish especially in living a self denial life. Once you receive the full training and ordination, a sacrament of holy orders is instilled in your soul to always make you embrace chastity. 

The reason for clerical celibacy is to make sure the concerned people work only to serve God. Of course this saves them from family commitments which sometimes hinder one from performing religious duties. According to the bible, you can't serve two masters at the same time. Obvious one will not receive quality services and since God is our first priority, let priests be free to work in church.

Second Corinthians 7:32-33 " The unmarried man is anxious about the things of the lord, how to please Him. But the married man is anxious about the worldly things how to make his wife happy". This verse supports celibacy in the theme that the clergy are freed from marrying to help them avoid having dividend attention. Their focus should be on doing what pleases the Almighty. When family responsibilities come in, attention to God's work is drawn to the family issues. 

So it's important to understand the meaning of celibacy and why it's practiced. Many people conflict in debating on this matter and I hope this article is fit enough to open up the hidden mysteries behind clerical celibacy. 

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