Kate Henshaw And Bovi Show Off Strength As They Lift Heavy Workout Equipment Together (Photos)


Most people would agree with me on the fact that intense exercising of the body can be so tiring and so exhausting, especially when it involves lifting heavy workout equipments.

Many people considers exercising to be stressful and would not want to involve in it. Well, am glad to to tell you that exercising the body is worth the stress you see it to be.

People go to the gym for different purposes, either to burn unwanted fats away from the body, keep fit or build muscles so as to gain strength.

In other to keep fit and stay in a normal body shape you desire, one has to exercise the body regularly.

It doesn't really require you killing your self all because you want to build muscles or gain more strength. Just do the little your body can withstand, and you are good to go.

Kate Henshaw, a popular Nollywood actress has just took to her Instagram handle few minutes ago, showing off how she and her friend Bovi whom is a well known Nigerian stand up comedian are showing off their strength at the gym by lifting heavy gym equipments. She also used the medium to wish all her fans and well wishers a happy women's day.

Considering their facial looks while they lift the heavy weights, i can tell those equipments are very heavy which many other people would not be able to lift. See photos below.

Who do You think has more strength than the other, Bovi or Kate Henshaw. Many would definitely say it's Bovi because he is a masculine gender. But don't forget that saying, which says and i quote ''what a can man can do, a woman can do better''

photos credited to Instagram.

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