"This Is A Bad Start" Angry Kenyans React As Young Officers Shouted Childishly (Video)

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A video of young police officers has been released a few hours ago and the video is really causing drama online. In the video, the young officers who seem to have been in their tough training and are now concluding are seen shouting at the camera saying "sisi ni wale wabaya", to mean we are the bad ones.(Photo| courtesy)

Others are heard saying that they are the '26gang' representing themselves and they will be out soon because they have finished their training. The video has not been received well by social media users since such type of childish excitement is not expected from police officers.

Many reacted saying that the instructors have let us down by allowing such things to happen especially with young officers who have not tasted service out here. Others said that it is really a bad start.

Nyakwar Opiyo: This clip is definately going to cause them serious disciplinary issues. This is a bad start. This generation Z has issues, from burning schools to suicide and now nonsensical celebration.

Peperyna: These are young people who need guidance and mentorship. Watanyooka tu watumikie nchi ya kenya.

Henry Wanyoike: Just leave them they are just hyping themselves, everyone does that.(Photo|courtesy)

(Photo| courtesy)

Watch the video here.

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