UNICEF And Government Plans to Vaccinate All Children Under 5 Years of Age For Polio


The Ministry of Health and UNICEF have a good plan to vaccinate all children under 5 years against poliomyelitis. Poliomyelitis is a child killer disease that before the discovery of its vaccine had caused many deaths among children. Normally, children are given four doses of this vaccine. These doses are usually given orally at birth, at 6 weeks, at 10 weeks, and at 14 weeks. Polio vaccine can also be administered together with other vaccines eg the 1st dose of polio given at birth is given together with the BCG vaccine which protects the child against Tuberculosis.All children under 5 years are to be vaccinated free against poliomyelitis from 22nd to 26th May this year. It's good for all children to be vaccinated again even if they had already taken it under the normal children's vaccination schedule.Everyone is requested to present his / her children under 5 years for vaccination. Vaccination will also be done door to door. Remember vaccine protects your child against this child killer disease. Avail your child please from 22nd May.

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