7 Ways Of Knowing If A Person Is Mature


1) When a person understands that not everything needs their opinion or there are some things that they are certain things that they should not know about,

when a person prevents them from knowing because the information is personal. The person would respond with okay or acceptance when someone tells them that they are ready to talk about certain things, or that they do not want to talk about certain things.

2) When a person choose to pave way for very small children and elderly people to pass in a small corridor or path, and would walk through that path once that small children are have already gone through so as not to harm them while they are struggling to go through the path together,

the person would always give way to small children and elderly people in public spaces that are limited in space.

3) When the person takes criticism positively and does not respond to people with criticism with harsh words because they understand that such people will always exist, instead they respond to people with criticism with a smile and when the condition worsens the person will move out of that place.

4) When the person understands that they cannot have everything that they want and instead they would take what they need,

for example they may not have enough money to buy everything that they want so they would only buy the things that they need and not to try and stress themselves.

5) When the person only believes in hard work and would refuse to take shortcuts to success, the person would refuse to take part in corruption so as to be able to earn more money or refuse to bribe so as to be able to access certain services faster.

6) When the person would always take other people's advice positively and not talk back harshly to the people who are giving them advice harshly, even if the person finds that the advice that they are giving is irrelevant. The person would take the parents advice as a blessing.

7) Finally, when the person always apologizes to the person or people that have been wronged by the person instead of walking away as if nothing happened, the person does not hesitate to apologize if found on the wrong side.

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