4 Signs That Shows You Are Not As Healthy As You Think (Part 4)

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Sicknesses usually announce their presence by showing us certain signs and symptoms. Most sickness whether, mild or, severe usually manifest themselves through various kinds of symptoms.

In the last three weeks, i have written a three part article centred on the signs that indicates that a person is sick when they think they are healthy. However, as per request I decided to make further research and write a part four. 

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Here Are Five (5) Signs That Shows You Are Not Healthy As You Think You Are.

1. Your Body Temperature Changes Constantly: some people naturally have cold temperture, some have warm temperatures, while some have normal tempertures. Moments before some people die, they usually feel cold or, hot.

So, if you notice that your body temperature constantly changes for no apparent reason, it might be a sign of an underlying medical condition.

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2. Difficulty In Breathing: breathing means inhaling and exhaling air (oxygen). Breathing is meant to be an easy biological process however, when breathing becomes a difficult task without any explanation, like cartarrh, then it might be a sign that you have cardiovascular problems, pneumonia, asthma etc.

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3. Hallucinations: according to Merriam Webster dictionary, hallucination means seeing or hearing things that seem real but does not really exit.

The thing about hallucination is that, the person hallucinating feels that what they are seeing or, hearing are real that, they might not even know they are hallucinating. Hallucination is usually a sign of mental illness or the side effects of drugs.

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4. Your Skin Becomes Pale: if a person's skin becomes it is usually a sign of a health problems.

People whose skin turns pale might feel they are healthy without knowing that there is something wrong with their health.

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