A group of primary school kids went to KONKA

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The nation is divided by a viral video of a group of students from a particular primary school.

The video begins with the gang flashing their admittance tickets to Konka, a well-known Soweto luxury club called KONKA. The girls' nails are lengthy and eyelashes which are all made of paper.

The gang then proceeds to enter a club with a no under 18s door, which happens to be the club, where they are greeted with paper champagne and fake alcohol bottles, there is nice music, and an acting DJ Black Coffee on the decks, people are dancing and texting, and it's a good time all around.

They may not be old enough to join the club, but that does not rule out the possibility of recreating it. These Schoolchildren really went all out to reproduce DJ Black Coffee's set at Konka Soweto with their idea.

This primary school club scenario has tongues wagging, and people are divided: some praise the children's and teachers' ingenuity, while others say it is simply wrong and reflects poorly on the type of influence and inspiration that young children have.

Click this Twitter video link to view the video.

Here are reactions from Twitter.

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