3 Factors To Consider When Going Out For Visitation


There are important things in life that we should never hide from our families when going out. This is because we do not know the situation we may find ourselves. I will explain these important factors because it may come in handy sometimes.

Always Disclose Your 'Real Location'

This may sound as unimportant but believe me it is very vital. Some of us have the habit of hiding our location especially when we want to visit places that our parents or spouses will never allow. If you consider the security situation of the country, it is better to engage in an unending argument with your spouse than ending up in a tragedy.

Be Security Conscious Of Your New Environment

Do not just visit a new environment and then end up behaving as if you are in your home. This is a mistake you must avoid. Be vigilant and conscious of your new environment. Watch out for things that did not add up and monitor the situations.

Avoid 'Show Off'

Most Nigerian youths enjoy showing off their expensive clothings and flaunting their exorbitant lifestyle. This is actually wrong and it brings unnecessary attention. You may easily become a target for criminals.

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