See the lady who behaves like a mad person in public just to gain Instagram followers.

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 Before reading this article kindly follow our page for more updates and don't forget to comment on our stories, in this article we will showing you the picture of a lady who dances like a mad person in public just to gain Instagram followers, this information can be verified across any social media platform using #crackheadextra.

The video of a young girl had been trending across every social media platform for dancing publicly in the market like a mad woman, the video is trending with the hastag #crackheadextra she successfully deceived everyone into believing that she was actually mad and everyone had pitiful comments, she has really gathered a lot of attention with the stunt she pulled she had also made it known to everyone that she isn't mad saying she's just into a social media challenge.

Here is what the lady that that got everyone's attention, she will just burst out into the Mather square singing songs with earpiece plugged into her ears she will make sure she sings the song loud to gain people's attention, the recation of everyone at the market seems she was amd but the did nothing to her.

It is shocking to know the extent youths now go just to gain attention, what do you think about this? Feel free to drop your opinion in the comment section.

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