Never Throw Away Old Balls Again. See 30 Creative Ideas To Reuse Them.

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Never Throw Away Old Balls Again. See 30 Creative Ideas To Reuse Them.

Have you ever wondered if Sports balls can be recycled? What do we often do to Sports balls when they get old, punctured or no longer put into use? We abandon or throw them away of course! 

Our poor waste management culture makes us hardly consider reusing or recycling things.

Talking about Sports balls, they are balls used in playing different kinds of sports or games.

Sports balls are part of our lives as we see them around us and watch them being played, especially on Television.

While the Sports ball that is most popular is the Soccer ball, many other types of sports balls also exist.

Sports ball come in different patterns, sizes, weight, shapes and are also made from different materials.

As there are different sports, so we also have different sports balls. Some of the common or most popular ones are American Football, Basketball, Tennis Ball, Baseball and the most famous Soccer ball of course.

With some level of creativity, our sports balls which are often thrown away when they get old, worn out or punctured, can actually be repurposed and made useful again.

Here are 30 Creative Ideas To Reuse old or punctured sports ball;

1. Phone Pouch

2 . Bag

3. Chandelier

4. Toys

5. 3D Letter/Signage

6. Pet Bed

7. Swing

8. Piggy Bank

9. Planter

10. Pen Holder

11. Mail Holder

12. Key Holder

13. Flower Vase

14. Decorations

15. Snowman

16. Fruit Plate

17. Scissors Holder

18. Mirror Frame

19. Hat

20. Bangles

21. Wreath

22. Christmas Tree

23. Door Knob

24. Lamp Stand/Shade

25. Gift Wrapping

26. Art Car

27. Wall Backdrop

28. Furniture

29. Napkin Holder

30. Wall Building

Finally, how do you see these ideas? Can you give them a try? Personally, I love this Phone Pouch idea a lot.

Imagine that you have been throwing away something that can still be useful to you all these years. 

Some parents buy Sports balls for their kids and the moment these balls get punctured, they often feel that they are beyond repair, so they abandon them or throw them away.

Come to think of it, there is good business opportunity in repurposing these old, punctured and abandoned balls. Absolutely! 

You can convert these trash to cash and create waste out of wealth. There is just no limit to creativity!

So, having seen at least 30 creative ideas for old or abandoned sports balls, what other ideas do you think exist?

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