Ruto's Hilarious Comment About His Daughter Being Married To Nigerian


The deputy president William Ruto left the radio Jambo fans in stitches after he was asked how he feels with his daughter being married to Nigeria. The deputy president proofed to be a fanny politician when he said that he tried to raise a daughter with a the morals and the kind of good education. He volatilisation commented that he wished that she will have been married in Kenya since when he sees all those efforts being taken to a foreign country, he considered that as a deficit.

He also added that he had heard about a Kenyan man before the Nigeria one but he is not sure what happened and things changed. He added that what he advised his daughter about marriage was about respect for her husband and honor him and that makes the basis of a marriage.

He has also lauded his wife describing her being close to an Angel. He said that all the success in his family is as a result of the efforts o his lovely wife. He said that she has been supporting him in his jobs, prayers and many other family support including that family love.

He has also encouraged Kenyan men not to fear and they should be confident enough to approach his daughters and not to let them also be taken to other countries.


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