You said there is no Dumsor, but we have timetable for it now - Manasseh


You said there is no Dumsor, but we have a timetable for it now - Manasseh

Ghanaian journalist Manasseh Azure Awuni has questioned the Government stance claiming there is no Dumsor in Ghana.

The astute journalist is wondering why if there is no intermittent power supply why is the need to publish a timetable for the load shedding.

ECG on Tuesday published a list of areas in Accra where there will be their lights will be going off thus released a timetable to the effect.

Meanwhile, the energy minister Hon Mathew Opoku Prempah is on public record to have said there is no Dumsor happening in Ghana as it was in the era of erstwhile President John Dramani Mahama.

The investigative journalist reiterated that the end will justify the means stating famous Akan proverbs which goes If your mother is dead and you claim she is asleep the stench will expose you.

According to Manasseh it time for the government to be honest with the citizenry and stop playing politics around everything.

The shortcomings in the energy sector are something to play politics around as it is glare to Ghanaians with different Governments failing to solve it totally.