"Vigogo Wapimana Akili":Today's Taifa Leo Headlines


Hello, people thank you for clicking this article.now we are going to look at today's Taifa Leo headlines.first the Kenyan Swahili newspaper has emphasized on Kenyan leaders, that is president Uhuru Kenyatta, deputy president William Ruto and ODM party leader Raila Amolo Odinga.

The three leaders are said to be, having different tricks concerning their unity.and therefore It seems Raila Odinga is trying to move away from uhuru Kenyatta.and therefore he is trying to form a coalition with the deputy president William Ruto.That is before 2022 presidential elections.


Aslo, Taifa leo has stated that,Supkem is pleading with the government to support the muslim as during this period of Ramadhani.what do you think should they be supported?. Comment down below.

Criminal jailed despite repenting in the church.

Aslo,The Swahili magazine have emphasized that, a Criminal has been Jailed, despite of him repenting in the church.what do you think about this, should the criminal be jailed or released?. kindly Comment down below.aslo share this article with your friends and relatives.

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