Two Options Liquorose and Whitemoney can adopt To stay relevant in the celebrity world

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It is no more news that Liquorose and Whitemoney are the two finalists of BBNaija season 6 edition. Many people had wanted Liquorose to be the winner but Whitemoney's fans and followers made him the winners through the massive vote.

Since the emergence of Whitemoney as the winner of Big brother Naija season 6, some fans and big brother Naija lovers have been ranting and complaining about both Liquorose and Whitemoney's absence on social Media

It is so obvious that as the winner and first runner up of the biggest show in Nigeria, both Liquorose and Whitemoney are so busy going around on a media tour and attending interviews. It is also clear that both of them are doing their bit to keep their followers updated on their different social media pages but they can actually do better.

To keep their Followers update and to stay relevant in their newfound world, they should try and consider any of these two options.

1. Continue to make use of Social media Handler.

Since their activities might not allow them to update and give full details of their activities, they should continue to use the handler that helped them manage the account while in the house.

Laycon and Dorathy were also busy during their time last year, but they were still able to give their fans what they wanted.

Fans and followers are very important to the life of every celebrity.

Photo source: Whitemoney's Instagram page.

Source: Liquorose Instagram page

2. Create a platform to meet your Fans.

Last year, Vee and some other housemates were able to create a time for their fans despite their busy schedules. Vee picked some fans randomly and she chose a date and a better environment to wine, dine, gist and played with them. By doing this, she was able to get more other fan bases. Whitemoney and Liquorose can also adopt this option. Spending some hours with your fans and lovers will not only earn you more love, but will also increase the fan's base.

Although, Liquorose has gotten the verification tag (blue tick) on Instagram Whitemoney is yet to be verified.

It will be so good if Liquorose and Whitemoney can take note of this and work on it.

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