All vaccinated people will be awarded Certificates and Cards

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Good thing about get vaccinated is that after vaccination you will be awarded a card and certificate that will allow you to enter at any premises you want.Special wen comes to traveling you qualify to travel with 100% peace. 

Residents with current immunizations who've misplaced their immunization cards can receive a new one and use the electronic immunization framework and the # 40; EVDS and the # 41; Number by visiting your vaccination centre.

Almost about 50% people in South Africa who have vaccinated as rest don't wanna vaccinate.That is why we see our president and health department are starting to take serous mergers against all people haven't yet vaccinated. Things will be bit difficult and others will get out of hand because the majority of people don't believe vaccine.

When comes to law people have the right not to vaccinate, vaccination is not supposed to be forced it must be choice but now we confused why president and health department forcing people to get vaccinated.

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