For Ladies: Avoid These 4 Things During Menstruation


Are you aware that such lifestyle choices have an effect on women during their menstrual cycle? If you aren't aware of this, consider yourself fortunate because will educate you about some of the stuff women can avoid while on their period in this post.

Some of them are mentioned below;

1. When you're on your time, avoid drinking iced water, sparkling water, or coconut.

2. Do not use shampoo. This is because during menstruation, the pores in the head open and can trigger headaches (from the wind hitting the head). It is very dangerous and is felt when you are young and older late.

3. Avoid eating cucumbers during your period because the sap in cucumbers can cause infertility by blocking certain periods (blood loss) in the uterine wall.

4. A woman's body should not be struck or hit by hard objects during her menstruation, particularly the abdomen, because it can cause blood vomiting and the uterus may be damaged. These are some of the factors that contribute to "the emergence of uterine cancer, cysts, and barriers" in women.

According to medical literature, drinking ice during menstruation may clot the menstrual blood that remains in the uterine wall, which can lead to uterine cancer or tumors after 5-10 years.

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