Reasons why people die while they are sleeping

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Have you ever asked yourself why people sleep and die? This contributes to so many deaths that occur in the world today. But biblically, those affected will blame diabolical reasons. The causes of death might be medical in nature.

1. Heart problems

When people die while asleep, it might be heart failure. Abnormal heart rhythms called arrythmias are common cause of those deaths. When a person has abnormal heart rhythm, the heart my tremble instead of pumping blood resulting to death.

2. Stroke

This is another major cause of death while individuals are asleep. Stroke sometimes disrupts the oxygen supply to the brain. When the oxygen does not get to the brain, it might be difficult for the person to survive through the night. Brain aneurysm or massive stroke can cause and individual to die. It happens mostly hence stroke should not be taken for granted.

3. Epilepsy

According to medical examinations, epileptic seizures can lead to death even during sleep. Epileptic people risk sudden death even when they are asleep. Though we have other common deaths while asleep such as inhaling carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide poisoning can be avoided by ensuring that generators and charcoal jikos are kept outside or away from bedrooms or where people are sleeping.

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