Saddick Adams Boldly Criticizes Goovernment Officials For Approving Loans To Buy Expensive Cars


Top and one of the most popular sports journalist in Ghana, Saddick Adams has fired Members of Parliament and Government Officials with a logical statement or words on one of his social media platforms.

The vibrant and youthful fan of football and a journalist of football took to his Facebook platform to make it known to these politicians that, they go to Parliament to approve loans to buy expensive cars but come out and praises individuals that raises funds to procure incubator and hospital beds for their districts.

This is actually the order of the day in our country, the journalist is not far from the truth. About a week ago the Minister for Finance, Mr. Ken Ofori-Atta, presented a loan agreement for $28 million to Parliament for the purchase of expensive cars for the Members of Parliament.

MPs In Parliament House

Depending on the amount of money involved, every Member of Parliament the 275 MPs is expected to get about $100,000 for the purchase of a vehicle.

Currently the Members of Parliament have approved the $28m loans to buy expensive cars for their own comfort. And this made the renounced sports journalist to talk about it.

Below is exactly what Saddick Adams wrote on his Facebook platform.

Despite all these hardship Ghanaians are going through over $28 million will be used to buy cars whiles several Ghanaian market women needs about a percent of this loan but most of them do not get it.


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