Opinion: Here Are Reasons Why Your Ex May Unblock You After Breakup

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When a couple realizes that being apart is preferable to being together, their relationship is gone. Many breakups take some time for both parties to forget the good times and move on.

After a breakup, they often visit their ex's social media accounts to see what they've been up to.

In the event that you've ever noticed that your ex blocked you and then unblocked you, it is because they are searching for something.

They've changed their minds about blocking you after realizing their mistake. Because of this, they came to the conclusion that their actions were completely unjustified.

They were informed by someone else that they were wrong to block you. He or she has reflected on the events between the two of you and acknowledged their own responsibility.

Blocking someone on social media is a clear indication of their disinterest in seeing you again. However, if your ex has poor judgment, they may initially block you and then unblock you.

In their minds, you'll never be able to get through to them.

Perhaps they're just pulling a prank on you in order to observe how you respond. If you say something that can be used against you, they're hoping for it. Simply maintain your self-respect and pretend you aren't aware of their presence.

They have the ability to confound you. In the end, this is just a joke.

They are attempting to draw your attention to themselves. They want you to think of them as kind or responsible. If they're thinking about getting back in touch with you, it's possible. They want you to be able to contact them or follow them on social media.

When they blocked you, they automatically believed that you had blocked them as well. Unblocking your account is the only way they can see if you have blocked them.

Inquiring minds want to know if you have made any posts that could be of interest to them. Whether or not you miss them, they want to know.

They want to know if you've prevented any mutual pals from seeing your friends list.

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