Manchester united to suffer loss as key player whom they signed from Juventus is set to leave

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It is transfer time and every team is in hurry to sign players who will strengthen the squad. Transfers are ongoing where teams are signing contracts with respective players while others are leaving their team for greener pasture.

Manchester united has found itself is losing one of key players in last few seasons. This will be blow to the squad since he has been of big help to midfield of red devil.

The France professional footballer is set to return to Juventus where the England club signed him with historic deal of 100 £millions. His eyes have been at former club after united failed to sign contract again with him.

From the sources, the superb player had turned down Manchester city move even after phone talks directly with Pep Gurdiola.

Fabrizio romano reports Pogba is set to make u turn to the former club in free transfer which is big deal for the Italian professional club.

New manager of united is in process of rebuilding the club and he might have found it wise to let go some expensive players in the squad.

The world class midfielder will undergo medical tests on July and sign paper works.

This is powerful decision from Juventus since back 10 years the signed him free then sold him back Old Trafford so expensive. The now the have already completed free transfer.

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