NACADA Chair Response To Rastafarian Movement On Bhang usage


Finally, the chair of the National Authority for the campaign against drug and alcohol abuse (NACADA ) has broken the silence. A few days after the Rastafarian movement have gone to court asking for what they allegedly called their 'rights'.

Speaking with Inooro Tv one of the royal media services stations. The chair asked the government to allocate enough funds to his authority to help curve the emerging drug abuse in Kenya.

On Monday this month, the Rastafarian movement appeared before the court asking the government to permit them to use cannabis Sativa in their rituals and ceremonies.

Accord to Nacada chair John mututho cannabis Sativa has a devastating effect on both the user and the society as a whole."The person abusing bhang has poor judgment and may jump into n water thinking it's a swimming pool."

Bhang makes someone feel very high hence he or she becomes very violent. According to him, the usage of bhang will remain illegal in Kenya.

This is a predetermined conclusion because the matter is currently in the court waiting for the ruling.