Please Help The SAPS Solve This Criminal Case

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CAPE TOWN - A people group in Hermanus is again requesting equity for a killed matriculant.

This was the third time Zwelihle inhabitants held a dissent walk to the neighborhood court.

Sisipho Mayile's, 23, body was found on the day she was intended to get her matric results.

"Sidikiwe - We Are Tired," was the message demonstrators had for Western Cape Police Commissioner Thembisile Patekile.

He was in Hermanus to accept their reminder.

"We are working nonstop ourselves. We don't have observers for this situation," said Patekile.

The DA's Masizole Mnqasela, a local area delegate, said Mayile's family and the local area were in torment.

"So we've been extremely clear, crooks should go where they should be, and they have a place in jail. They don't have a place here in our roads," said Mnqasela.

He additionally said they had been spooky by questions like "who is straightaway" and "who else should kick the bucket to get a response from the police".

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