CS Fred Matiangi Rejected at Home as ODM Bonchari Likely to Win It


Congratulations Oimeke, Orande Democratic Movement for winning Bonchari. With FIVE Polling stations to go, I call it for ODM.

This follows a great rejection of one of the most influencial cabinet secretary in his homeyard . Matiangi has been the most influencial Cs in Kenya and it was expected tjat his candidate would win with a landslide unfortunately opposite is what is seen here.

There are many five polling stations to go . United Democratic Alliance is the second in appearance . The candidate from UDA is behind ODM with three hundreds votes .

These results are turning opposite of what could be expected. In the previous by elections in Kenya , the candidates allied to William Ruto have been the topping in the lists having frustrated ODM in many areas unlike in Kibra by elections.

Netizens and great political analysts have ridiculed Fred Matiangi for this loss and accussing him of money and schandals to unveil.

These polling stations left are subject to determine the winner. Athough, this early win to ODM likely to retain.

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