TT Mbha enjoys a jacuzzi party with his daughters after school.

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If you want to have the greatest children in the world, do you best when they are still young. Foundation is very important when it comes to raising future leaders of tomorrow. Giving your children unconditional love, will guarantee that they never look for love in the wrong places. 

TT Mbha is a reality star, real estate and businessman. One of the most successful real estate agents in the country. An inspiration to many. He has two daughters whom he is setting high standards for when it comes to men. He is loving them and doing almost everything with them. 

He has shared a cute moment between him them. The girls got back from school to a jacuzzi party with their father. "🥳guess whose back home just in time for the @mbhasisters jacuzzi party🥳". How cool is that? Gone is the generation where men didn't bond this much with their daughters.

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